What is Marvellous Minis?

  • ​Learn fun footy skills in a team environment
  • In-game instructional play led by professional, qualified junior league coaches.
  • Safe and encouraging environment following the Footy First philosophy where kids learn how to catch, pass, run with the ball, stay within the field boundaries, work as a team and follow instructions in a fun & inclusive game day environment. Initial competition engagement through tag play
  • Marvellous Minis progress within the season via the Tiny Tackler program ensuring all participants are ready to run and roll safely and with confidence in Mini League U6s the following year.

Program details:

  • Localised competitions run by professional led coaches, Sports Kickstart, for the first 9 weeks of season.
  • Set time, 9am, every Saturday morning at the various set locations. Full schedule is presented to parents
    prior to commencement of program.
  • Game day consists of skills training and in-game learning.
  • Non-competitive/No scoring
  • Volunteer parent coaches are appointed per team. These coaches then learn alongside the professional coaches on how to engage & manage players, age appropriate training skills and drills and fun ways to develop rugby league skills.

Game Day Experience:​

  • 25 minutes of skills
  • Mini game 3 x 8min thirds
  • Professional coach acts as on-field instructional referee
  • Each team has an on-field volunteer parent coach
  • Games are a fun and interactive live-play learning environment.


  • Marvellous Minis follows a progressive football format that begins with Footy First for the first 5 weeks, focusing on fundamental skills of catch, pass, running with the ball, staying in the field of play and learning to play as a team.
  • From Round 6, players begin the Tiny Tackler program in which they learn the correct & safe technique of junior league tackling in their fun team environment.
  • These new skills are then introduced within the mini game structure in week 10.
  • By the end of the Marvellous Minis season each player will have graduated via the Tiny Tackler program ensuring all
    participants are ready to run & roll safely and with confidence in Mini League U6s the following year.


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