Life Members

Life Members

The following people have been rewarded for their continual service to the Brothers club. It is a great honour to be awarded Life Membership and each of the reputable people have given exception service to the club.

1980 Mr Ken RITCHIE
1980 Mr Pat NOONAN
1983 Mr Martin QUINN
1983 Mr Mark NOONAN
1988 Mr Gary BURGE
1988 Mr Barry HANLEY 
1990 Mr John DICKSON
1990 Mr Michael SMITH
1991 Mrs Pat HANLEY
1991 Mr John MOORE
1993 Mr Nick GARAY
1996 Mrs Des DICKSON
1999 Mrs Annette HEMA
1999 Mr Monty HODGES
2001 Mr Jim HEMA 
2008 Mr Craig INGRAM
2008 Mr Frank MCDONOUGH


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